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Walking Through Consciousness

Published: October 2021

Consciousness. It's what level of consciousness you are at that will determine your place in universal existence. The lower your level of consciousness the longer it will tak for you to achieve.

Your aims in life. Your ability to love unconditionally, to feel empathy, understand yourself or other fellow beings, are all determined by the level of consciousness that you have. To increase your level of consciousness, which we all must do, would enable you to do all the things that at this moment for you is not possible. Travel throughout the universe, visit planets and zones that you don't even realise are there. Mix and join in with peoples from other zones and existences. All of these things we have always been able to do, but through ageless time have forgotten and let our level of consciousness drop to the lowest levels and now is the time to increase that level to face the New World with all its challenges.

For this is the way.

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Granddad You Have A Message III - Messages From The Universe

Published: March 2020

Working together in Oneness. Well my beautiful beings of Love and Light, don’t just look upon yourselves as one look at the whole universe as one. For surely we are all one, self-creating energy,
positive and negative energy working as one to create the Love and Light to transform the whole world and it’s vibration for the universe to see the earth coming together in oneness. Love and Light.
Blessings to you all.

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Strange Things Happen When Someone Dies

Published: Sep 2017

Well my friends it all began with the passing of my beautiful wife Pat in 2011. I truly thought my world as I knew it had come to an end, when by reading this story you will see it was a new beginning, a journey through the emotions of grief and the opening of a spiritual door that has taken me on a journey of self–discovery of me, who and what I truly am. We will talk about the afterlife, universal beings, self-healing and spiritual healing. So sit back, relax and enjoy, you may find like I have that life is so different to what we have been led to believe. Love and Light. Alec.

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I have always had an interest regarding what happens to us after death and kept an open mind, this book found me for a reason as I had been struggling with the death of a loved one and I found great comfort in it.

Although I haven't had any experience such as described in this book, I do feel it has confirmed for me that there is something beyond death and that some incidents I have had indicate someone reaching out to let me know they are doing well, another great source of comfort.

Laidler refers to many people he has helped over a period of time and the results are pretty astounding! I would recommend this to anyone who is curious about what happens beyond death or anyone wanting to find comfort after bereavement.

Review by: Claire Flanagan via


Granddad You Have A Message II - Through The Eyes Of A Child

Published: Sep 2015

“Look within to find the love, empathy and light, to see our lives with the simplicity of the child, uncomplicated and fun”. ~ 31/07/2014 at 05:15 hrs.

This book has been written through the mediumship of the author.

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An excellent read on spirituality. I have long believed that we are all on a spiritual journey of sorts. I also believe that we are all connected yet the differences between us lie in our level of awareness at any given period in time. Some never figure out that they are on a journey at all while others do and achieve greater levels of consciousness through time. One of the ways that I continue to grow is by reading about the experiences of others who are on this path and my latest read was author Alec Laidler's "Grandad You Have a Message II".

A financial services professional living in England, Laidler has had several near death experiences in his life but says that he experienced his greatest awakening after losing his wife to breast cancer in 2011. This is a very insightful and inspirational read that is presented as a series of short essays, or journal entries, on a variety of topics. There are discussions of energy, which I wholeheartedly believe in, and some wonderful insight into the oneness that we all share. Laidler gives his thoughts on death and dying, on love, on the world's religions, and even inter-planetary connections. There is talk of forgiveness, lessons, music, and so much more.

I loved the format of this book as it felt like more of a conversation to me, very informal and with someone that I generally agreed with on most things. A few of the entries left me challenging my long held beliefs (this is a good thing) and others left me feeling very inspired. Definitely recommend this read for anyone looking to broaden their spiritual horizons.

Review by: Casey Living via


Granddad You Have A Message - Spiritual & Inspirational Writing

Published: Dec 2013

Since the passing of his Wife, Alec Laidler began to receive lots of inspirational thoughts and messages from his higher self regarding some of the happenings and events that befall all of us at some time in our lives. Alec now offers these messages in 'Granddad You Have A Message' in the hope that they will guide others through these times, as they have him. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Breast Friends charitiy.

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Granddad you have a message is a compilation of anecdotes channelled by the author from his own higher-self, which can be accurately described as an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self.

This book; named by the authors Granddaughter, was written from a documented journal of events compiled over a couple of years following the death of the author’s wife Pat, from cancer. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be given to the Breast Friends Charity.

It is an excellent read and is a succinct and easy to read book of inspirational messages sent from a higher plane of existence and birthed into this reality through the author himself for the benefit of all whom have the pleasure of reading it. Those who do read it have found it for a reason.

‘Granddad’ is a ‘from the heart’ personal account of coming to terms with life as we know it and how there is eternity beyond our own reality, which will take us through various stages of the dimensional universe and eventually back to our natural state called the Unified Field, also known as oneness. As you begin to read ‘Granddad’ verse by verse it becomes apparent that it is written from a place of deep inner knowing and understanding.

It puts into perspective both the pain and joys of physical Earthly life with titles such as “Creators of our own destiny”, “Choices” and “Enlightenment”. This book is an inspirational journal put into a short and easy to understand format in a way expected of a higher aspect of ourselves.

We recommend this book to anyone who wishes to know about the larger significance of our existence."

Review by: Michael Feeley of Sazmick Books Publishing